Regular Tile

At Jim’s Carpet Warehouse we have access to a large selection of floor and wall tile.

From ceramic, glazed porcelain, and porcelain tile we can quickly order in any colour to meet your style.

What is the difference between ceramic, glazed porcelain and porcelain?


This tile can be used for light use (such as bathrooms) and areas where you’re not likely to drop something. If you do drop something on this type of tile it is likely to crack to the corner and you may need to replace the tile. Also, if it just chips, the colour does not go all the way through, so you may end up replacing the tile. However, depending on your area of installation ceramic is also the most economically choice as it is the least costly to make.

Glazed Porcelain

This tile is a ceramic with a glaze of porcelain over top to harden the top of the tile so it is less likely to break. The benefit of glazed porcelain is that it often gives you the usage of a porcelain tile without the cost. So it usually meets all residential needs as well as most commercial needs with an economical price range. Depending upon the tile colour on the top it may or may not match the colour all the way through, should it chip. Glazed porcelain takes quite a beating and is usually used in most applications due to its pricing.


You have two different types of porcelain tile, full body porcelain and coloured porcelain. Porcelain tile is the hardest of all the tiles as it is baked all the way through as is very hard to break, even when something is dropped on it. The colour usually goes all the way through, so even it gets chipped it is not likely to show. However, due to these benefits, the cost also rises with this additional manufacturing process. As such, the price ranges are much higher and thus most people choose the glazed porcelain to keep within their budgets and still get the functionality they require.


Jim’s Carpet Warehouse installers have over 25 years experience installing all areas of tile, be it floor for our kitchen, bath or other area. They also do a professional job on backsplashes, walls and showers or even your fireplace. As with all our products our manufacturers offer a warranty on their tile and we offer a one year warranty on all our work. Our installers take pride in their work and we, at Jim’s do also. You can be assured of a professional result.


If you would like to just buy the tile from us and do-it-yourself, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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